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Get the free Excel addin available on Windows and Mac. Then:


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Learn from the experts through high-quality video courses.


Steps practice

Complete challenges embedded right in Excel.


Steps achieve

Earn achievements and unlock rewards as you grow your knowledge and skills.

Don't have Excel 2016+? Use the addin with Excel online (requires a free Office 365 account).

Available Courses

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“I’ve worked with Excel for over twenty years and seen my share of resources for learning Excel. But when I came across Gridmaster, I was struck by their innovative approach. It is the best way I can think of to learn Excel.

Shawn Washburn

“I’ve been using Gridmaster all summer long and it’s an amazing program. Thank you for providing it!”

Marika Lesche

“I am honestly blown away. Very cool.”

Ryan Stratford

“I have a general concept of Excel but this is the first course I have really liked. The lessons were very clear, well-explained. The practice was excellent.”

Randy Fouse

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