Need Excel Training in Belle Plaine?

Forget boring in-person workshops.

We built training right into Excel, so you can learn anytime, anywhere.

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How it Works

Get the free Excel addin available on Windows and Mac. Then:


Steps learn

Learn from the experts through high-quality video courses.


Steps practice

Complete challenges embedded right in Excel.


Steps achieve

Earn achievements and unlock rewards as you grow your knowledge and skills.

Don't have Excel 2016+? Use the addin with Excel online (requires a free Office 365 account).

Better than an in-person workshop

We guarantee it.

"I've worked with Excel for over twenty years and seen my share of resources for learning Excel. But when I came across Gridmaster, I was struck by their innovative approach. It is the best way I can think of to learn Excel."

- Shawn Washburn

Our Course Library

Introduction to Functions course icon

Introduction to Functions

Learn how to use functions to bring your spreadsheets to life.

Working with Averages course icon

Working with Averages

Deep dive into mathmatical averages, weighted averages, averaging functions and more.

IF Statements course icon

IF Statements

Learn the ins and outs of using IF statements and other conditions in your spreadsheets.

Advanced IF Statements course icon

Advanced IF Statements

Master advanced IF statements and learn ways to manage complex conditions.

Mastering VLOOKUP course icon

Mastering VLOOKUP

Discover VLOOKUP and learn how to leverage its power to reduce duplication and save time.




Pay once and get lifetime access to our full course library, including:

  • Introduction to Functions
  • Working with Averages
  • IF Statements
  • Advanced IF Statements
  • Mastering VLOOKUP

For Organizations

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Get network-based access for your whole organization. Perfect for businesses, schools, libraries, and community centers.

If you aren't 100% satisfied with the quality of the training, we'll send you a refund.

"I am honestly blown away. Very cool."

- Ryan Stratford

"I can see Gridmaster as being the future of Excel training."

- Thomas Lakas

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